Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis, Tennessee

Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis, Tennessee

This photo of the Hernando de Soto Bridge is from photographer “Exothermic”, a user on Flickr, who took this photo while looking from Memphis, Tennessee west towards the Arkansas shore.

As Wikipedia explains:

The Hernando de Soto Bridge is a through arch bridge carrying Interstate 40 across the Mississippi River between West Memphis, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. It is often called the “M Bridge” as the arches resemble the letter M. Memphians also call the bridge the “New Bridge”, as it is newer than the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge (carrying Interstate 55) downstream.

The bridge is named for 16th century Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto who explored this stretch of the Mississippi River, and died south of Memphis. His body was believed to have been buried in the Mississippi River after his death (although, according to legend, his body lay at the bottom of Lake Chicot in Arkansas, an oxbow lake of the Mississippi River about 130 miles south of Memphis.)

On August 27, 2007, an inspector discovered that a bridge pier on the approach bridge west of the river had settled overnight, and the bridge was subsequently closed to perform a precautionary inspection. The bridge was reopened later that day.

This photograph is from Exothermic who generously shared it via Flickr. It is used on EcoWorld under the Creative Commons license.

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