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Avalanches Blamed for Deaths of 3 Climbers in Scottish Highlands

GLASGOW, Scotland, Dec. 31 (UPI) — Three mountain climbers died in two separate avalanches in the Scottish Highlands, rescue officials said.

Two of the victims were climbing in Coire na Ciste on Ben Nevis Wednesday when they were swept away by a snow slide, The Guardian reported Thursday. The third victim died after being engulfed by an avalanche in Torridon near Liathach Ridge.

Two other climbers were rescued by helicopter, the Glasgow Herald reported.

The SportScotland Avalanche Information Service warned climbers of a very high risk of avalanche Wednesday, the Herald reported.

The deaths of the three climbers brought the total number of weather-related fatalities across Britain to six.

Bitter cold and snowy weather has settled over Britain for more than a week, leading to numerous crashes, power interruptions and disruptions in public transportation.

Forecasters predicted heavy snow Thursday for large portions of northern and central Scotland and north Wales, and snow showers in northern England.

Despite warnings of snow and continued frigid temperatures, New Year celebrations in Scotland were gearing up, with up to 80,000 people expected at the annual Edinburgh street party, and 10,000 revelers were expected in Glasgow’s George Square, the Guardian said.

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Dangerous Ice Storm Leaves 20,000 Quebec Residents Without Electrical Power

KIRK’S FERRY, Quebec, Dec. 28 (UPI) — Thousands of residents of the Outaouais region of Quebec remained without electrical power Monday after a weekend ice storm, officials said.

Hydro Quebec spokeswoman Isabelle Knuckle said that as of late Sunday afternoon, some 11,000 power customers were still in the dark, down from as many as 20,000 Outaouais homes that had lost power when an ice storm struck Saturday night, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

She said most of the 11,000 customers who remained without power would have to wait until Monday afternoon before it is restored, the newspaper said.

One of the main differences between this week’s ice storm and the massive Quebec power outages caused by a similar storm 11 years ago is the what residents are most missing, Jeanne Gallagher of Kirk’s Ferry, Quebec, told the Citizen.

In 1998, Gallagher said, she felt the loss of her television the most.

“At this time tomorrow — since I won’t be able to charge my Blackberry — it will probably be the Internet,” she said.

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