Pittsburgh Suburbs Harness Nature to Improve Drinking Water

WTAE, Pittsburgh’s ABC Affiliate published a very interesting story this morning that discusses an innovative way to use nature for improving the drinking water for citizens in the area.

Two suburbs of Pittsburgh, North Park Lake and Pine Creek are working with Allegheny County leaders to construct a facility that will use natural methods to filter out toxins and pollutants before they reach the watershed area which the communities use for drinking water.

Here are a few excerpts from the article that explain the process and plans in more detail:

According to a news release from Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, the garden is being excavated to create a depression where native vegetation will be planted. Runoff from nearby parking lots, roadways and other surfaces will flow into the depression and be filtered through layers of sand, stone and soil. The natural filtration will remove silt, chemicals and pollutants that would otherwise reach the lake and creek.

The garden will also help to control erosion of stream banks and the lake shore, the news release said.

Construction crews will also post a sign at the site explaining more about the garden and its benefits.

The county hopes the garden will educate the public about the benefits of rain gardens, which can be installed both on residential and commercial properties.

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