Gulf of Mexico Waves to Fuel Desalination Plant in Texas

FREEPORT, Texas, Oct. 9 (UPI) — A Texas company says it plans to use energy generated by waves in the Gulf of Mexico to make salt water drinkable.

Renew Blue Inc. plans to put 18 wave-powered pumps just under the surface about a mile off the coast of Texas. The pumps will send water over a wheel that turns a electric turbine.

Energy from the turbine will run a 3,000-gallon-a-day desalination plant on a platform above the water’s surface, said Doug Sandberg, vice president of Renew Blue’s parent company, Independent Natural Resources Inc.

The desalinated water is to be transported to shore, bottled in degradable corn-based plastic and sold under the Renew Blue brand.

The project addresses two global issues: scarce drinking water and the need for cleaner forms of power, Sandberg told the Houston Chronicle in story published Friday.

Renew’s offshore lease is the first Texas has granted for the production of energy using ocean waves.

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