Zap Electric Vehicles – Plug It In And Drive!

Driving is not as fun as it could be. Gas prices, congested roads and the pollution that constantly sputters from the engine all put a damper on the weekend road trip or commute to work. Electric cars might be able to solve many of these problems. Imagine quietly rolling by a gas station in car that reduces pollution by 98% and smiling to yourself comforted by the fact that you don’t need to shell out almost 70 dollars to fill the tank. It is funny to think that watching TV can cost more than running an electric car.

The first electric cars date back to the 1830s! Unfortunately they didn’t catch on with a range of about 10 miles and a huge price tag. Electric cars used to be up to three times more expensive than the internal combustion engine vehicles that came along later. This is definitely no longer the case: In fact, with the tremendous increase in gas prices, an electric vehicle can pay for itself within a year.

ZAP or ‘Zero Air Pollution’ Vehicles, based in Santa Rosa, California, distributes a variety of electric vehicles that fit everyone’s needs. Trucks, scooters, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and cars are all available through Prices for these vehicles range from 500-50,000 dollars and these cars and bikes come in every color imaginable-There is even a vehicle available that has the option of painted zebra stripes!

Don’t think that you are restricted to driving to your neighborhood grocery store before you need to recharge your electric car. The range of these vehicles is constantly rising. A typical electric vehicle has a range of 100 miles which is perfect for the daily commute to work or running errands and the price of running an electric car can be compared to about 600 miles/gallon, which is an incentive in itself.

Many people assume that you have to give up power and luxury when buying an electric car. This is not the case. Like with anything else, you get what you pay for. The higher end Zap-X, for example, boasts 644 horsepower, gets 350 miles per charge (which averages to about 1 cent per mile), comes with an electric touch screen and GPS system and can seat up to 7. A car like this is not going to be mistaken for an inferior vehicle on the road. ( )

There is a demand for cars that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Who doesn’t want a car that just needs to be plugged in to run? It is more complicated to run an electric razor (maybe even more expensive.)

8 Responses to “Zap Electric Vehicles – Plug It In And Drive!”
  1. rwells says:

    Why news media —FOX—example—not covering or use this as a news coverage on economy and or fuel / oil crisis….auto makers paying someone—off??
    should tell the auto unions that is would stem more growth…get with it..

  2. Andy says:

    The green evolution is here and sustainable! Kudos to all those companies offering better solutions for better living for a better planet.
    I’m excited to own my first ZAP! electric car.

  3. Streetcar Eddie says:

    Do I have to register these as a motorcycle?

  4. I live in California and with the Xebra all you need is a drivers license and register it as a motorcycle. Just hit 2500 miles commuting without using any gas. Woohoo!

  5. Luis says:

    I own shares in the company symbol ZAAP at $0.70 a share I think it’s a bargain with the potential this company has. Read up on the partnerships they have in China, Italy and Brazil. Their website is

  6. Mark Yannone says:

    Chances are, you don’t need a driver’s licence either. Tom Hyland checked with his state ( and discovered he didn’t need anything from the MVD. But check the statutes in your state.

  7. dshan says:

    Actually these guys (ZAP) are well known fraudsters that have CLEANED out/fleeced many investors over the past 10 years. Check out the following article “Hype Machine: Searching for ZAP’s Fleet of No-Show Green Cars”. I wouldnt give these losers a dime, there are plenty of other REAL eco-friendly companies out there. Do your research first!

  8. jack says:

    Just try to buy a Zap car. The one they claim gets 40 miles per charge is lucky to get 33 with the wind at your back. They do not have the cars for you to buy at this time only the ones in the showroom and those are owned by the dealer.

    Zap is a fraud just a front company that will go paws up.


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