MIT Electric Car To Set The Bar For Alternative Energy Vehicles

MIT students are on a mission to build an electric vehicle that will preform as well as it’s gasoline powered counterpart and set the bar for major automobile manufactures in the race to produce energy efficient vehicles. The student team hopes to complete the project by the third quarter of 2010 and show case their all electric vehicle that will approximately 100 miles per house and only take about 10 minutes to fully charge with over a 200 miles travel range.

The car will be powered by an oil cooled AC induction motor that boasts 250 horse power at 12,000 rpm. MIT students have chosen lithium iron-phosphate cell batteries from A123 systems, because they are proven and have been readily available on the market for over three years.

In order to power the car’s 250 horsepower, 187 kilowatt electric motor and give it similar performance to a gasoline engine, the team needs to wire a battery pack that includes 7,905 of the A123 cells.

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