Bowling Ball Sized Ice Ball Blasts Through Roof and Intp Colorado Woman's Home

BRUSH, Colo., Nov. 18 (UPI) — Aviation officials say they’re investigating why a piece of ice fell from the sky and into the kitchen of a Brush, Colo., woman.

DaNelle Hagan says she was lucky she wasn’t sitting in the wrong place in her home Saturday morning when the bowling ball-sized ice chunk came crashing through her roof with a loud bang, KUSA-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday.

“It was just bizarre,” Hagan told the broadcaster. “I heard a huge explosion, couldn’t figure out if something had crashed in or exploded out and (it was) just complete chaos after that.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said that while it’s rare, ice can form on the outside of airplanes because of a leak or weather conditions, then fall to the ground.

“My head is spinning from everything that’s gone on the last few days. I’m just hoping for a good outcome soon,” Hagan told KUSA.

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