Meteor Sightings Puzzle Oklahomans

A blue-green meteor shot across the night sky above Oklahoma on Tuesday, prompting perplexed locals to call local police stations and report an unidentified flying object.

According to KTHV of Little Rock, Arkansas, the “big ball of fire” that streaked the sky likely struck near Poteau Mountain, Oklahoma.

The meteor was “no bigger than a pebble” and may have gotten its greenish tint from copper content, CBS News reported.

Meteor sightings matching the description of the Oklahoma ball of fire cropped up in various areas of the U.S., from the Florida Panhandle to several areas in Mississippi.

Florida’s WKRG said it began receiving reports of a “bright flash of light and a boom” at about 8:30 p.m. reports that the meteor came from the southeast and zoomed northwest. The science news website says it was emerald green with a red-yellow tail.

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