Pros & Cons of Chevrolet Volt: 230MPG and $40,000+ MSRP

Every major news outlet is buzzing about the Chevrolet Volt being capable of reaching 230 miles per gallon in city driving. While it’s an amazing feat capped off by the feel good vibes of coming from an American car maker – it raises an interesting question.

How much is too much to pay for clean, green technology?
Chevy Volt Discussion - 230MPG and $40,000 MSRP
Make no mistake, if money were no object the Volt would be in a class of it’s own. But with Toyota’s Prius starting off at $22,000 – is the $40,000 price tag that auto industry executives forecast realistic?

The Prius, now on it’s third generation of winning consumers, environmentalists and economists over will be challenged. How much though remains to be seen. Complicating things further is the fact that the Volt represents the EPA’s first effort at calculating electric vehicles MPGs… Wes Raynal from Autoweek summarizes the issue up well with his post, Chevy Volt MPG: Shocking!

No matter how you slice and dice and tear into that number, it’s impressive. GM will get a lot of play out of the announcement.

Question: Is it true? That’s where the Web commenting fun begins. Let me try to help you chill out and stop torturing each other.

I’ll grant that the Volt’s mileage is tricky to figure out. I mean, in theory, since the Volt runs up to 40 miles on electric power before the engine kicks in, some drivers could burn NO gas. Ever. So their miles per gallon would be potentially unlimited. On the other hand your commute could be 80 miles each way and the Volt’s gasoline engine will have to run for 40 of those miles. Obviously the EPA mpg number would be completely different. See what I mean? It’s muddy.

Please weigh in with your thoughts! Can the Volt be expected to sell well in our current economic state? Can an American automaker who’s on the ropes deliver a knockout with the Volt?

6 Responses to “Pros & Cons of Chevrolet Volt: 230MPG and $40,000+ MSRP”
  1. mike says:

    Not interested! 40k is 20k to much! Plug it in every night? No thanks, when I get home I have a hard enough time dragging my gym bag into the house. Why is it, that Toyota has had 3 generations of self charging cars and Chevy is trying to raise my electric bill? Who’s running Chevy is it the same people that are running the economic future of this country into the ground? The Chevy volt is suppose to save Chevy, that’s why they got the bailout right. Well as a taxpayer since the age of 15, I’m pissed! Hold on tight loyal Chevy owners. I only see used cars in your future after the year of 2011. Thanks for reading my comment!

  2. Jean says:

    Mike, I agree. $40K for 230MPG. I will never buy one. 230MPG who are you kidding me? Someone once told me – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Why would I pay 40K for a car that is not giving me much more than what I can get for $25K. Give me realistic (TRUE) numbers I can believe in.

    This announcement from Chevy convinced me to buy a Prius in December.

    US Automakers – Wake up and stop playing with yourself.

  3. chevy owner says:

    Hey ya little forein loving @$#%!, shut the #!%* up. i dont understand how anyone can drive a prius, everyone i see i just wanna ram into it with a damn tracot trailer. and what does the prius get? 41 mpg? 230 is a hell of alor more than that

  4. Chevy owner wyoming says:

    I think this is great, but 40,000 is way to much. jean, what number dont you believe? If the price was right around 20,000 to 25,000, this would be a great deal.

  5. Darko Peric says:

    Good 4 u GM chevy volt is very impressive the price would have to come down a bit but besides that this is outstanding work and all you foreign loving s.o.b. s need to move to japan support us made or get out of the us!!!!

  6. Ryan says:

    Lol pretty sad these are all New cars and my 1996 firefly gets 55mpg City! and it only cost me $900!!!!!!! haha take your 20-40k and get a life!


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