Dangerous Levels of Arsenic & Toxins Found in Greek Students' Water Supply

THESSALONIKI, Greece, Oct. 13 (UPI) — Testing the hair of some schoolchildren in northern Greece has found high levels of arsenic, a report released Tuesday said.

The testing was done by a research team from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Ekathimerini reported. They were to announce their results at a conference this week

The researchers found that students at 10 of 32 schools had been drinking water with high levels of dangerous chemicals. They tested the hair of 65 children in the area, detecting high levels of chemicals correlating to high levels in water supplies.

“The statistical analysis revealed a positive correlation between the concentration of traces of toxic chemicals in the schoolchildren’s hair and in local drinking water,” the authors said.

The worst problems were in the area of Halastra, near Thessaloniki. Drinking water there had at least double the recommended safe levels of arsenic.

Halastra Mayor Grigoris Ouzounis said children in regional schools there drink bottled water.

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