Ocean Conservancy Picks Up Seven Million Pounds of Coastal Trash

Citing the Ocean Conservancy’s 23rd clean up day, over 400,000 volunteers came together and collected over 7 million pounds of trash a long 17,000 miles of coastal land all over the world. This shows how great of an impact people can have in one day of cleaning up coastal areas all over the world and it also sites how careless people can be when littering and polluting their environments.

Some of the trash collected included:

  • 26,585 car tires
  • 937,000 bottle caps
  • 942,000 food containers
  • 1.4 million plastic bags
  • 3.2 million cigarette butts

Volunteers collected about 11.4 million items overall, which weighed a total of 6.8 million pounds. They snagged more than 1.3 million cigarette butts in the U.S. alone, about 19,500 fishing nets in the United Kingdom and more than 11,000 diapers in the Philippines.

The Ocean Conservancy’s mission is to eliminate litter and raise awareness about properly disposing of wastes and recycling. Participating in proper waste disposal not only helps the environment, but it also creates safer habitats for it’s indigenous wild life.

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