T-Mobile Goes Green With Smart Packaging

T-Mobile has begun to drastically cut plastic use by up to 45 percent in it’s pay-as-you-go phone packages. This results in to almost half the original plastic being used in packaging as well as a 40 percent cut in materials transportation.

The packaging is manufactured by Alloyd Brands, a division of Tegrant Corporation. The company specializes in packaging that reduces material use and weight, in addition to reusable packaging.

The new packaging is a paperboard and PET plastic based Natralock® blister card that is easily disassembled with scissors, but very difficult to tear.

Read more about T-Mobile’s newly reduced plastic packaging and their cell phone recycling program.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    You might have a good product but your TV advertising is absolutely dispicable. Ranks right up there with Carls JR.


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