EPA Plans to Regulate Perchlorate in Drinking Water

President Obama’s administration appears to be ready to reverse a decision on toxic chemicals commonly found in drinking water.

In 2008, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), under the direction of President Bush, opted against the regulation of perchlorate. Perchlorate is a harmful chemical most widley recognized for it’s use in making rocket fuel.

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment warned the public that the decision made by the EPA failed to protect adolescents, children, and infants.

Lisa Jackson, the EPA’s Administrator, recently announced that her organization would take another look at the presence of perchlorate in drinking water and invite commentary from the public while making a decision.

The LA Times quotes Jackson as having said…

“It is critically important to protect sensitive populations, particularly infants and young children, from perchlorate in drinking water,” Jackson said.  “As we re- re-evaluate the science around perchlorate, we will seek public input before making a regulatory determination based on the best science.”

The consumption of perchlorate is known to cause thyroid and hormonal problems , making it quite dangerous to growing children. To date, only Massachusetts and California have taken stands on the regulation of perchlorate.

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