Britain Explores Undersea Carbon Capture

LONDON, Sept. 25 (UPI) — Geological formations under the North Sea could store more than 100 years’ worth of emissions from British power stations, energy officials said.

The process, known as carbon capture and storage, could reduce airborne carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fueled power plants by up to 90 percent, Ed Miliband, Britain’s minister for energy and climate change, said.

Without carbon capture and storage, there is no solution to climate change, he said.

The technology, which has yet to be tested on a large scale, could be a massive industry for Britain, replacing what it now takes in from North Sea oil, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

Miliband’s office is to host a meeting of energy and environment ministers in London in October and already has begun identifying potential sites where the technology could be explored.

“We are also working closely with Norway and other North Sea Basin countries to ensure the North Sea fulfills its potential in the deployment of (carbon capture and storage) in Europe,” Miliband said.

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