Man Sues Friend over Electronics Use

SANTA FE, N.M., March 29 (UPI) — A Santa Fe, N.M., man has sued his neighbor, saying her use of electronic devices is making him sick.

Arthur Firstenberg, 59, said he is sensitive to specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and has difficulty finding a place to live where he isn’t afflicted a host of symptoms triggered by cellphones, routers and other electronic items, The Los Angeles Times reported Monday

“It’s been difficult because of my electromagnetic sensitivities,” he said. “I had a lot of difficulty finding a house that I could be comfortable in.”

Firstenberg thought he had — until a friend rented a house adjacent to his property and the nausea, vertigo, body aches, dizziness, heart arrhythmia and insomnia returned.

All, he says, because Raphaela Monribot was using an iPhone, a laptop computer, a wireless router and dimmer switches in her home, the Times said.

He asked her to limit her use of the devices.

“I asked her to work with me,” he said. “Basically, she refused.”

In his suit, Firstenberg seeks $530,000 in damages and an injunction to force her to turn off the electronics.

“Being the target of this lawsuit has affected me very adversely,” Monribot told the Times via e-mail. “I feel as if my life and liberty are under attack for no valid reason, and it has forced me to have to defend my very basic human rights.”

Dr. Erica Elliott, who treated Firstenberg and testified at a hearing on a preliminary injunction, said she’s convinced electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real disorder that may affect the nervous system. However, other scientists dispute that claim, the Times said.

Bob Park, a University of Maryland physics professor, said radiation can heat tissue but lacks the energy necessary to alter human DNA or otherwise cause the reported symptoms.

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