Make Money By Recycling Electronic Waste

As the use of technology increase a new kind waste also increase; electronic waste. Computers, cell phones, mp3 players, and even DVDs are all considered electronic waste. The problem with recycling electronic waste is how to do so properly with out causing more waste in both domestic and foreign landfills.

A new method of recycling electronic waste is by giving it to specialty companies that will exchange money for the waste. These companies will collect different types of waste, inspect, and either re-certify the product for sale in secondary markets or properly dispose of the item. This saves the consumer time and puts money back in their pockets for handling their electronic waste correctly. is a company that specializes in recycling electronic waste and frequently promote their services outside of Apple, Inc.’s flag ship store in New York City. Founders Bob Casey and Rich Littlehale believe that they can help curb e-waste by offering incentives and ease of disposal services to consumers looking to get rid of their unused electronics.

Visit the following link for more information on electronic waste recycling and YouRenew’s services.

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  1. John Rondo says:

    The only problem with is that they are small and don’t have any economies of scale. Their competitors like, have a focus on green as well, but offer substantially higher prices for one’s electronics. Will be interesting to see if yourenew’s emphasis on green and clever marketing can get them on their way. It won’t be the first time a worse business ends up being the market leader due to a superior sales team.


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