Port of Long Beach California and the Environmental Impact of Ports

Port of Long Beach, California

Photographer Kevin Dooley took this photograph at the port in Long Beach, California. As he comments, the port is reportedly making strides to improve it’s environmental impact:

“I’ve been doing research on the environmental and social impacts of ports, and let me tell you, ports can be dirty places! The port facility itself can be energy intensive and emit pollutants, and then if you add all the ships and trucks and rail… whoa. Making ports more sustainable is an important goal for us.”

“The Port of Long Beach, shown above, is one port that is making great strides. One simple idea that cuts down pollutants and green house gases is to require ships and trucks to “plug in” for their electricity, so they’re not idling their own vehicles while waiting. “

This photograph is from Kevin Dooley who generously shared it via Flickr. It is used on EcoWorld under the Creative Commons license.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nice Picture – but that is all that is ‘nice’ about the Port of Long Beach. I am a long beach resident and the port is doing nothing more than greenwashing it self. Sustainability is a foreign concept to the Port of LB. Just last week they were sued by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club precisely because they sold the public health and environmental gains of the clean trucks program.

    Two major environmental organizations vs dirty corporations…as a mom..i’m going with the environmental organizations who are looking out for my community and not the profits of big corporations.


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