Italian Mayors Stage Sit In over Toxic Ship Wreckage

ROME, Oct. 21 (UPI) — Italy’s environmental undersecretary agreed to tour the site of a toxic shipwreck Wednesday after 50 mayors staged a sit-in in Rome, the mayors say.

Mayors from the Calabrian province of Cosenza went to the capital Tuesday to persuade the Italian government to take immediate action to recover the toxic waste a ship was carrying when it sank off the Calabrian coast, the Italian news agency ANSA reports.

The wreck was located six weeks ago after an informant told prosecutors the mafia sank a ship in 1992 to dispose of 120 containers of radioactive waste.

In addition to the mayors, Calabrian members of Parliament also called for immediate action.

“The situation is extremely serious and there is no time to waste,” says Calabrian Deputy Franco Laratta of the opposition Democratic Party. “The ship was discovered 40 days ago and still no action has been taken. Enough is enough.”

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