Our Authors

Having been online since 1995, EcoWorld has enjoyed a long tenure as an environmental news, opinion and article source for online readers. Since our website first launched, our team of authors has included the following writers:

Terry Anderson
Paul Brown
John Droz
Gordon Feller
Wolfgang Harrer
Blake Hurst
Candida Jones
Satish Lele
Marlo Lewis, Jr.
Richard S. Lindzen
Jeffery Logan
Mohammed Mesbahi
Christopher Walter Monckton
Marc Morano
Fred Morgan
Dr. Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn
Randal O’Toole
Matt Ridley
Edward Ring
Avilash Roul
Paolo Scopacasa
Louis Strydom
Ramesh K. Suri
Edward Wheeler

If you’re interested in writing for EcoWorld, please contact us and let us know!