Tsunami Waves Head Across Pacific Ocean to Californian Shores

Lifeguards along the California coast prepared late Tuesday for possible dangerous waves after a huge earthquake in the Samoan Islands.

A tsunami advisory was posted for the coast, the Los Angeles Times reported. Curt Kaplan of the National Weather Service predicted waves about a foot higher than normal and said the coast could be affected for several hours.

The tsunami was not expected to be a major one after traveling thousands of miles across the Pacific. But forecasters said tides were likely to be higher than usual at about 9 p.m. Pacific time.

Los Angeles County Lifeguard Capt. Terry Harvey said lifeguards were ready to move county vehicles away from the beach if necessary.

“This is an advisory which essentially is a heightened state of alert,” Harvey said. “Today might not be a good day to visit the beaches or harbors until the advisory passes tonight. This provides us a great opportunity to exercise our tsunami protocols.”

The tsunami devastated some coastal areas in Samoa and American Samoa.

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