The Green Yellow Pages

One might assume that after nearly 12 years of publishing strategic information about green technology and environmental issues we would know everyone, but it’s a bigger world than that. Today we found and want to report this as perhaps the best organized and current compilation of green technology companies we’ve ever seen.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Eco-Web’s so-called “Green Pages” provide information on over 7,000 companies in nearly every country in the world. Their classification system is pretty good; the primary categories they’ve created are:

Environmental Information
Waste Water Treatment
Water Supply & Purification
Air Pollution Control
Waste Management
Soil Preservation
Noise Protection
Power Generation
Energy Efficiency

Within each of these categories are several sub-categories, and you are also able to cross-reference by nation. For example, when we search under Power Generation, the first result we get is Photovoltaic Solar Cells, and on that page we get 84 listings.

Eco-Web’s “Green Pages” then lets you sort by country. We selected India, and the following companies came up:

  • Khandelwal Solar Power Ltd., Noida
  • Laser Lab India, Delhi
  • Moser Baer Photovoltaics (MBPV), New Delhi
  • Photon Energy Systems Ltd. (PES), Hyderabad
  • Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL), Jaipur
  • Tata BP Solar India Ltd., Bangalore
  • USL Photovoltaics Pvt. Ltd. (UPL), Coimbatore
  • While there are undoubtedly more than seven companies manufacturing photovoltaics in India, this is the best engine we’ve ever seen for letting people search for green companies. It is surprising and a bit disappointing that this excellent site doesn’t have more traffic.

    One minor complaint about this site is the background is a deep green – I like green, but not that much. Also, until you’ve figured out their layout, it’s hard to find the links from their records of companies to the actual home pages of those companies. As it is, on each company record page, they have two small buttons, one with the “@” symbol, which will automatically launch an email to a contact email address for the company, and the other a “W” which links to their website in a new window. Once you’ve learned how to use it, this website is a very, very effective tool to find something quick.

    All in all, is a relatively undiscovered gem among the millions of green and not-so-green websites out there. If you are looking for a green company, the Eco-Web “green pages” are a good place to start.

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