Texas Raids Yield Marijuana (Pot) Plants Worth $31.4M Growing from Creek Levees

Law enforcement officers said they raided a huge marijuana-growing operation in Texas Monday.

Federal, state, and local officials found the plants, some as high as 10 feet, growing atop levees on Chambers Creek in Navarro County, Texas, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

The plants were being irrigated by water pumped from a network of hoses, Chief Deputy Mike Cox of the county sheriff’s department said. Authorities found two camp sites nearby but neither was occupied.

Three other marijuana operations were discovered in Navarro and Ellis counties this month, and the four raids yielded 21,000 pot plants worth about $31.4 million, Cox said.

The operations discovered before Monday were connected to Mexican drug cartels, Texas and local officials said.

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  1. Crystal says:

    When I see this news, it makes me think of the recent 2009 report from ProtectYouth.org showing more Texas students in every major city are now using marijuana than tobacco cigarettes. We’ve been banning the marijuana market for decades, yet can anyone show a single documented case where an elected official, notable public health group or law enforcement association has called for a similar national ban on the alcohol and tobacco markets??


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