Sustainable House Built By University of Michigan Students

After over fifteen months of planning, University of Michigan students have been able to construct a sustainable house completley powered by solar energy. The students are a part of the University’s Solar Decathlon Team and hope to compete in October in a energy efficient home build-off against other competing schools.

When designing the house, Johnson said the team focused on making the solar house look like a regular residential home, she said, something that many hi-tech solar houses fail to do.

At over 800 square feet the modulated house will consist of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and porch, which consists of three major pieces for ease of transportation.

The solar panels used to power the house have been integrated in to the roof, rather than mounted by brackets as to avoid the raised look and give the house a more traditional feeling. The team plans on integrating solar panels in to the windows to provide further solar energy that will be used to power electricity and hot water in the house.

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    an excellent and important project..


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