PuraM® Membrane Bioreactor

Available in a range of mobile prefabricated carbon steel, or stainless steel tank configurations capable of treating flows from 7,000 to 125,000 gpd, or in concrete tanks for applications in excess of 1 MGD, the PuraM Membrane Bioreactor features significant improvements over comparable systems for small flow applications using an enhanced air scour flat plate design.

The PuraM system utilizes ultrafiltration membrane technology to achieve high quality effluent that meets water reuse and stringent Total Nitrogen standards within a greatly reduced overall footprint. The pre-engineered solution is designed specifically for the decentralized municipal, community, and commercial markets that require greater reliability, reduced operational input through extended periods between chemical cleans, ease of maintenance, and less complexity than other systems by eliminating back pulsing, onsite chemicals and permeate pumps.

Systems can be located above ground or in-ground with a range of screening and pumping packages. Add-on packages for phosphorous and/or enhanced nitrogen removal are available.

Rent or lease systems can be provided.

Customers interested in learning more about the new PuraM system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356 , or email info@bnm-us.com.

View the PuraM Process here:


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