Polyurethane Factory Produces Almost Zero Waste

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Perry Foam Products is a major player in the molded foam technology industry, who up until about three years ago did zero recycling. Warehouse Manager, Marvin Hills, set out on a mission to change all of that, but faced a challenging problem of finding vendors who would take large amounts of polyurethane and recycle it.

According to the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry of the American Chemistry Council, polyurethanes account for approximately 5 percent of all plastic waste.

Eventually Marvin Hill was able to locate an Ohio based recycling center that would take their polyurethane waste and recycle it in to a foam bonding agent that is used in carpeting and other and production of tire covers.

Once the biggest challenge of recycling polyurethane was taken care of, the company moved on to more common recyclables and now recycles 90 percent of their waste resulting in a costs savings nearing $70,000 a year.

To read more about Marvin Hill and how he is managing to recycle the last 10 percent of company waste please click here for the full article.

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