Nature & Technology in Harmony

There is nothing in this world more powerful than an idea. History is full of examples where a shared idea changed entire civilizations, for good or ill.

For the first time in human history, an idea can be broadcast via the internet to every corner of the earth at negligible cost. If the idea has intrinsic power, the message will carry itself, from one viewer to another.

Why is reforesting the earth such an idea? It doesn’t have an audience waiting with fists full of dollars, like perpetual financial data, search engines, interactive games and other amusements. It doesn’t have the corollary to that, multi-million dollar marketing budgets, either.

But there is a worldwide audience waiting for this idea and the information to help them contribute to making it a reality. A new worldwide generation of people who share a global consciousness and who are ready for something more redeeming than the endless search for material riches. Reforesting the earth is one of the highest callings that anyone can choose to follow. Reforesting the earth unites people. It requires hope. It requires cooperation.

To reforest the earth we must clean up our rivers, and salvage our topsoil. To reforest the earth we must learn new models of capitalism, that have a longer view and take a less exploitative approach. To reforest the earth we must include all the inhabitants of the restored forests, enlisting their support by letting them own their fair share of the harvests.

Reforesting the earth requires appropriate technology, an evolving formula for implementing technology in harmony with nature.

Reforesting the earth is an endeavor that will not only ensure the survival of our planet, but in the successful achievement of this goal will lead to a more enlightened global civilization.

This message seeks to spread via the internet. Without the power of money and marketing muscle. But with the power of an idea. By May 2045, let’s cover five million square miles with 80 billion great canopy trees. That’s all it takes. Let’s put the forest back.

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