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If you have ever typed a question into Google or Yahoo before clicking “search”, you’ve likely seen a few of the many of question and answer sites online. Some, like Yahoo! Answers are incredibly broad and allow their users to ask just about anything, regardless of topic. The entire purpose being, your peers are then allowed to share their knowledge with you by answering your question, provide helpful answers, links of interest and more.

The environmental community finally has such an outlet – GreenAnswers.

What is GreenAnswers?
Green AnswersGreenAnswers appears to be a great resoruce because of what it is – the first focused Q&A site that allows you to ask and answer questions on a variety of eco-topics including Sustainable Living, Health & Wellness, Climate Change and more.

In their own words, and according to their about us page, GreenAnswers is…

GreenAnswers is a social question and answer site where people can ask, answer and learn about environmental issues. Everything on the site is driven by you– the community. From asking and answering questions, to voting on what makes a good answer, this is your site. As you participate, you can build your reputation by contributing helpful content. Additionally, you can help shape the reputations of your peers by voting on their content.

With our environmentally-minded community, we aim to build the authoritative resource on the web for environmental issues. The quality of our content is dependent upon this community. All we ask is that you treat your fellow members with respect. There is no need to agree, in fact, disagreements will make the site great, but we do ask that you do so respectfully. Other than that, the site is for you, the community. Enjoy it and please contact us if there’s anything we can do to improve!

We are currently in a private beta, so if you would like to request an invitation, please do so on our contact page.

And please remember, the content on the site is created by the community, so you should not rely on it for medical, legal or any other professional advice. You can read more about this in our Terms & Conditions.

As mentioned above, the site is currently in a private BETA, but is allowing for those interested to receive a private account invitation the moment the site is released to the public next month. EcoWorld has worked to secure a special invitation link for our readers, so make sure you take a moment to join the community with other EcoWorld users today!

Request an Account Invitation
To request your account invitation, go here:

Take a few moments to review GreenAnswers today, too. There’s an abundance of information and Q&A already going on with the private members that we can learn from. Some of our favorites from cruising the site today include:

  • Are there areas in the US that don’t meet drinking water standards?
  • What are some educational but entertaining movies about the environment for children?
  • Are environmental spring break trips becoming more popular with college students?

For more information about GreenAnswers, please see their blog.

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