Ford Motor Co. to Present Water Reuse Technology

Ford Motor Company to present current and future water reuse technology for the automotive industry at IntertechPira’s Treatment Approaches for Water Reuse 2008 conference. Scheduled to present on Friday, November 14, 2008 at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL, US, Bill Gaines of Ford Motor Company will discuss and examine water-consuming processes and their water quality requirements, current economically justified water reuse technologies, emerging issues and present and future applications.

“With over 100 leading industry executives expected to attend, this conference is a great opportunity to network with key experts and end-users,” said Conference Director, Christine Groff.

Co-Chaired by Dr Brian Dempsey of Penn State Institutes of Energy and Environment and Dr Stephen Vasconcellos of GE Water and Process Technologies, Treatment Approaches for Water Reuse 2008 will offer a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and treatments for water reuse and reclamation, as well as for compliant disposal of industrial wastewater.

Session breakout topics include opportunities in sustainable water treatment, membrane technology, treatment approaches, novel materials and case studies with presenters from PFW Water Mutual Fund, PSIEE Pennsylvania State University, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Ford Motor, IBM, Ferrate Treatment Technologies LLC, Veolia, Nalco, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Pall Corporation, GE Water and Process Technologies, Intereco, Severn Trent, Dontech, Koch Membrane Systems, Kemira and Clean Water Technology to be featured during the two day event.

At a time when the demand for high-quality fresh water has industries, municipalities and other entities transitioning towards regulatory and economic considerations to evaluate reuse options, IntertechPira’s Treatment Approaches for Water Reuse 2008 conference is both timely and practical, providing a unique opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and network with industry leaders from around the world to gain advantages, share expertise and find solutions on this dynamic and growing industry.

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  1. Since the fat cats over in the Big Oil industry helped to rape the American public out of tens of billions of dollars when fuel was selling for almost 5 a gallon, and since many of them did all they could to kill the first electric car (GM’ s EV- 1), perhaps Wagoner, Nardelli and Mullally should go knocking on the doors of their“ crude” friends.


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