#EcoMonday's Health and Science News for Monday, September 21, 2009

Here is a list of EcoWorld’s list of environmental news for Monday, September 21, 2009:
Cincinnati Zoo’s Manatees Will Soon Be Released to Wild

Invasive Python, Native to Africa and Capable of Eating Goats, Wart H…

Australian Boys Catch $86,000 Cash While Fishing in Flooded Creek

River Deltas Prove to be Sinking Because of Human Activity

Scientific Prediction of Invasive Plants & Animals Proves Difficult

U.S. Department of Agriculture Says Crops are Slow to Mature

Natural Resource Deposits in Texas the Topic of Legal Battles

British Scientists Demand Study on Renewable Energy & Marine Life

Climate Change Minister Proposes Schedule for Nations Unable to Meet …

European Carmakers Battle to Win Sustainable Mobility Race

Ozone Depletion Appears to Be Getting Better

Heavy Rains in South Cause Floods, 3 American Deaths

Bhutan Earthquake Death Tool Reaches Eight

Teff (Ethiopian Food) Farming in Kansas Proves Troublesome

French Oil Giant CEO Warns of Fossil Fuel Shortage

British Columbia Forest Fires Settle Down

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Northeast India

Earthquake Kills Five in Bhutan

Greenland Ice Cap’s 11,700 Year Evolution is Mapped and Analyzed

Evolution of Extinct Sea Creatures Studied by Harvard Scientists

Anaerobic Microbes Found in Arctic Ocean May Mean Abundant Oil &…

Heavy Chinese Rains Cause Landslides, Killing Three

Syria Accuses Israel of Burying Nuclear Waste in Underground Tunnels

Heavy Rains Flood Georgia, Kentucky and Indiana

Four Earthquakes Devastate Indonesia’s Weekend

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