Denver Releases the Largest Amount of Greenhouse Gases

TORONTO, Sept. 24 (UPI) — Canadian scientists surveyed some of the world’s major cities and determined Denver releases the largest amount of greenhouse gases.

The University of Toronto researchers, led by Associate Professor Christopher Kennedy, documented how differences in climate, population density and other factors affect greenhouse gas emissions in global cities.

Kennedy and his colleagues noted not enough information has been available as to why emissions vary among different cities.

The scientists analyzed how climate, power generation, transportation, waste processing and other factors contribute to the differences. Denver had the highest overall emissions, with levels two to five times higher than other cities. Barcelona, Spain, had the least greenhouse gas emissions.

The researchers said Los Angeles was second on the list, followed by Toronto and Cape Town (tied for third), Bangkok, New York City, London, Prague, Geneva and Barcelona.

The study, which suggests ways in which cities can reduce emissions, is to appear in the Oct. 1 issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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