Cash For Clunkers: How Green Is It?

Cash for Clunkers is a government program that allows people to trade in their gas drinking vehicles for a fair price and to then purchase new, ecofriendly vehicles. The program hopes to help get high emission vehicles off the highway and get more fuel efficient vehicles in driveways around America.

The question in play is How green is the program? For a vehicle trade in to qualify in the cash for clunkers program it must first have gas mileage of 18 miles or less to the gallon. The other half of qualifying is that the new vehicle to be purchased must get over 22 miles to the gallon. The reason for such a low fuel rating is to make the program elidgeble fleetwide in hopes that that mass majority of people will turn in their old vehicles in favor of more fuel efficent vehicles, like the hybrid Prius or Ford Fusion.

Legislators could easily have required that new cars get better than, say 25 mpg combined—which isn’t especially ambitious (my ’94 Civic got 32 mpg in the city). Why didn’t they? Because American cars are clunkers.

Read the full article and find out more information about the Cash For Clunkers program.

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