3 Amazing Green Vehicles Worth Watching

One of the most entertaining aspects of being involved in environmental causes are the great lengths and enthusiasm shared by your peers. When engineers and and inventors let their creative juices flow – some amazing things can be created and accomplished.

Here are three amazing examples of what happens when technology, innovation, environmentalism and ambition combine…

Eco-Friendly Hypersonic Space Jets
GreenEnergyTV produced an excellent video starring Richard Branson and the Eco-Friendly Hypersonic Jet. Virgin Galactic is a very real organization with amazing goals and ambitions – but make no mistake about it – SpaceShipOne is a legitimate vehicle that has proven space travel is not only possible, but environmentally friendly as well.

Of course, it hasn’t ended there. SpaceShipTwo is in the works…

Cars that Run on Pressurized Air
Could the air car revolution be next? For one company in France – the answer is hopefully a resounding YES! MDI, or Motor Development International is focused on creating vehicles that run on compressed air and are extremely lightweight, safe and environmentally friendly. Former F1 engineers have created a 4 cylinder piston engine that runs without combustion to maximize mileage. Three air tanks in the vehicle can be filled up at a service station or by plugging in the on board compressor. Total cost? About $2.00 in electricity.

A hybrid version of an MDI vehicle is also being developed. Why improve on the existing designs? Simple. With ONE tank of gasoline the hybrid vehicle could travel from New York to Los Angeles without ever refueling.

Pedal Powered Planes
Sometimes innovation requires decades of technological breakthrough. Other times, it just takes a lot of muscle. Such is the case with this Japanese video documenting a 18 kilometer flight, accomplished with lots and lots of pedaling.

While we can’t understand Japanese – the video is amazing, but not nearly as amazing as the accomplishment of building a lightweight, human powered flying vehicle. The near crash at the 6:15 mark worried us, but when the plane finally crashed into the sea at the 10:00 mark – we wanted to laugh and cry.

Think About the Impact!
While many of you may immediately think that space travel, air driving or pedal flights are decades and millions of dollars away – think again. One of the driving forces of green technology and production is affordability. The above examples represent just a few of what we feel are possible influences on how we could be traveling in our lifetime.

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