Yellowstone Fires Have Consumed More Than 9,300 Acres

Much of Yellowstone National Park remained open Tuesday as firefighters battled a blaze that had grown to 9,300 acres and closed a road, U.S. park rangers said.

Lightning likely sparked the wildfire Sept. 13 but it wasn’t noticed until 10 days later in the Arnica Creek area east of the Old Faithful geyser, the Yellowstone Insider reported Tuesday.

There was no danger to travelers, though smoke could be seen throughout the park, which sprawls across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Ninety percent of the fire burned within the Wyoming part of the park, National Park spokeswoman Linda Miller told CNN Tuesday.

The fire closed the Grand Loop Road, the main road through Yellowstone, forcing visitors to take a 280-mile detour if they wanted to get from one end of the park to the other, Miller said.

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