Universal Postal Union Head: It's Time to Go Green

NEW YORK, Oct. 9 (UPI) — It is urgent for the worldwide network of post offices to limit their carbon footprint, the head of the Universal Postal Union said Friday.

Director General Edouard Dayan of the United Nations postal coordinating organization said in a release coinciding with World Post Day that it is urgent for post offices to rethink how they do business and alter their patterns of energy consumption. About 430 billion letters and six billion parcels are delivered worldwide every year.

“Operating over 600,000 postal establishments and as many vehicles makes it is a significant producer of greenhouse gas,” Dayan said. “The world postal sector cannot stand aside and do nothing.”

The exact carbon footprint of postal deliveries will be measured in time for a U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen in December. The Universal Postal Union will also propose measures for reducing the carbon footprint of postal services worldwide.

“In this time of financial and economic crisis, sound management of environmental issues can be a significant driving force for growth,” Dayan said.

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