British Columbian Forests Helping to Reduce Emissions

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Dec. 13 (UPI) — The destruction of British Columbia’s old-growth forests is ruining one of Canada’s best weapons against climate change, an environmental group says.

A report issued by the Sierra Club Sunday said industrial logging over the decades has decimated old-growth tracts to below the level needed to preserve species. The group also said wiping out so much old forest removes carbon-storage capability, adding to greenhouse gas emissions, the Victoria Times Colonist reported.

Logging on Vancouver Island alone has caused the release of 370 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the group said, calling for efforts to protect remaining old-growth and second-growth forest.

Ken Wu of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee will speak at the conference on climate change in Copenhagen about Vancouver’s forests and their effect on the environment.

“The international community here will be amazed to learn about how spectacular B.C.’s coastal old-growth forests are and the incredible amounts of carbon they store per hectare — virtually unmatched in the world,” he said.

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