The New Green Revolution

The new green revolution is the fusion of nature and technology. Nature and technology in harmony. Nurture the planet, ourselves, and make money, and, of course, reforest the earth!

Ecosystems are biological, they are economic, but they are also macro-physical and micro-physical. Look to the science of astro-physics, elementary particles. Don´t these phenomenon exist in reality, in an ecosystem? And if so, isn´t everything we build and design, no matter how advanced it may be technologically, just an ecosystem?

Nature and technology are not only in harmony, nature is technology! We are realizing that economies are ecosystems that can´t be managed well by central state planning. Technology is a force of evolution. This is the next green revolution. We are realizing that technology itself is the creation of ecosystems. Technology can be the friend of the environment, a force for its survival and prosperity.

lf technology is nature, then freedom of resource use is wealth and survival. Ecologists, profiteers and survivalists share fundamental traits. Outer space is the place where no legal or enforceable power can regulate resource use. The United States should deregulate and colonize the Solar System at once. Technology necessary to sustain outer space habitats will employ the same technology necessary to eliminate or recycle 100% of urban waste.

There is an infinity of choices that every living creature faces in every instant of time. This makes 50 years a very, very long time. Time enough to grow to 8 billion people? Time enough to reforest the planet and harvest timber at extremely high sustainable levels. Time enough to colonize the moon and mars.

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