The Gaia of the Solar System

Issue #4

Fall 1995


image – Tim Cantor


nature and technology in harmony

The deep ecologists surely believe in Gaia, the living earth, the single integrated, beautiful entity whose lungs are the living forests and whose arteries are the life-giving crystal clear rivers. What could be more logical than to extend this notion to our great sun, which provides us with the light and heat that makes all things live? Isn’t there a spirit in the sun, too?

And if we believe this notion of Earth’s Gaia spirit, and extend this notion to the sun, wouldn’t the sun’s Gaia spirit be that of a wonderful benevolent and powerful entity? Would we not wish to rise off of our loving mother earth, like children who have grown to a new chapter in their existance, and take our civilization into the warm embrace of solar orbit?

In this life zone between Earth and Mars, our ships would ply the orbital lanes like the great clippers of old, taking a year or more to voyage from far outposts back to civilization. With cargos of precious minerals, perfectly engineered gems and crystals, tourists, colonists, maybe even alien artifacts, a bustling interplanetary economy will be our next step.

But you can’t have it both ways. If humans are to create ecosystems in space they will need technology. Only through deeper scientific understanding and applied research and massive technological development can we take this next step, establishing ecosystems in space! And these ecosystems will have their unique Gaia spirit, one that is our own creation.

Of course nature and technology are one. By making life on earth possible, the sun is an essential part of our habitat. Solar orbit is but an extension of our current life zone. To live in solar orbit is a natural part of our evolution as a civilization of sentient beings. Our technology can lift us and our enterprises off of this Earth and let the great power of the sun take the burden of our consumption more directly. What better way to give the Earth a break!

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