48 Year Old Man Happy with Simple Life in Moab Desert Cave

MOAB, Utah, Nov. 22 (UPI) — A 48-year-old man who has not used money in nine years and resides in a desert cave in Moab, Utah, said he loves his simple existence.

Daniel Suelo said while he shops for clothes by going through garbage, he is content with living an existence where he does not have to worry about a job, mortgage or other concerns that plague most U.S. residents, The Denver Post reported Sunday.

“The understanding that, really, we all possess nothing is the cornerstone of all spiritual endeavors and religions,” Suelo said.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Suelo said he also will not barter for food or rent because he considers bartering another form of currency.

Suelo began his unique style of living nine years ago despite having a master’s degree in accounting and a degree in anthropology.

Despite his meager belongings and lack of a traditional home, Suelo insists he will never embrace a regular lifestyle again.

“I have no idea what the future holds, and I don’t worry about it. But the longer I do this, it seems absurd to go back,” he told the Post. “It would be like going back to slavery.”

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