Telur Rangers Save Malaysian Turtles

Chong Heuy Meim, Nelleisa Omar, and Grace Duraisingham of Petaling Jaywa, Malaysia sought to help spread the word of turtle conservation through a website, which then lead to sponsorship by the WWF and now call themselves the Telur Rangers.

“I was sent a website on the plight of the turtles and decided to do something about it. After talking to my colleague (Huey Meim), we came up with this idea. We approached WWF-Malaysia with it and they loved it,” said Nelleisa.

The newly formed activist are traveling the Peninsular Malaysian region in hopes of educating the populous on the depleted turtle population. This WWF campaign is known as “Egg=Life” and the Telur Rangers hope to gather 100,000 to ban the sale and consumption of turtle eggs.

The campaign will end August 8th, but for more details please read the full article.

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  1. Hey EcoWorld,

    Thank you so much for your support!
    We’re sending hugs your way from every state in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Save the turtles, Save the world!!

    Telur Ranger Grace :)


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