Coastal Erosion Suddenly Threatens California Apartment Community

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 4 (UPI) — Residents of an apartment complex on a California cliff side say they watched nervously Monday as workers tried to save the building from crashing onto a beach.

Erosion and tides eroded the cliff, which dropped away a chunk measuring 10 feet by 30 feet, KTVU-TV, Oakland, reported.

“We walked out there and said oh my gosh … it’s just dropped,” Rick Jenkins said.

Jenkins was there when 20 of his neighbors had to evacuate last month when the cliff eroded to the edge of their apartment building, KTVU said.

The section of cliff face that dropped off was directly behind the apartment belonging to Betty Sue Lukins.

“It was here early this morning and it’s not here now,” said Lukins. “The white pipe went straight out that way because there was land underneath it. Now today it’s all bent down like an elbow because there’s no land under it.”

Engineers who have been placing boulders at the base of cliff for 16 days to curb erosion say there’s no immediate cause for concern.

“Sometimes the rocks will just be doing a great job. It takes that one big wave. We’ve had a couple go right over the top of the rocks today,” engineer Tony Fortunato said.

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