Group Urges Less Waste During Holidays

ROCHESTER, Mich., Nov. 13 (UPI) — Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, U.S. residents generate an extra 1.2 million tons of waste per week, said the group Use Less Stuff.

In 1995, Use Less Stuff, a Michigan-based non-profit group, designated the third Thursday of November as a day of awareness of how much waste is produced during the holidays

Since then, the amount of holiday waste has grown by 20 percent, prompting Use Less Stuff to designate the entire week before Thanksgiving to awareness of holiday waste, Bob Lilienfeld, editor of the Use Less Stuff Report said in a release Friday.

If every U.S family reduced holiday gasoline consumption by one gallon a week, 6.5 million tons of climate-changing carbon dioxide would be prevented from entering the air, Lilienfeld said.

And if every U.S. family used just 2 feet less of holiday ribbon, the ribbon kept out of landfills would be equal to enough ribbon to circle the Earth twice, he said.

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