Australian Town Bundanoon Bans Bottled Water

The Australian town of Bundanoon Saturday followed through with its threat to ban bottled water — a first in the nation, officials said.

The ban means local stores will sell only refillable water bottles, including a bottle that carries the label “Bundy on Tap,” The Sydney Morning Herald reported Saturday.

Bundanoon has installed four free filtered public drinking stations in the town with a fifth filtered-water station at the local primary school.

Bundanoon residents voted 355 to 1 in July to ban the sale of bottled water because it is an environmental and economic menace, said Jon Dee, an organizer of the ban.

“Bottled water is a menace and a marketing con that’s been visited on Australians by the bottled water industry and what we are trying to do is expose that con for what it is,” Dee said.

Empty water bottles clog landfills and the bottles require large amounts of oil to create; the bottles also are trucked and flown across Australia and overseas, creating greenhouse gases, Dee said.

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  1. Khandokar istiak says:

    In the city of Bundanoon, social cost of a bottle was higher than marginal benefit. In that case, the residents really have taken a good decesion. In Canada, to lessen the discrepency between social cost and marginal benefit, a tax is imposed on bottled water or juice when people purchase them from store. In fact banning bottle water or taxing it may be supported in developed countries where supplied water is pure but for poor and underdeveloped countries it cannot be supported where supplied water is not
    hygienic enough.


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