A Revolution in Soil Recycling

EarthWorks Continues Crusade to take their Revolutionary Soil Treatment Worldwide
EarthWorks Founder and CEO
Jonathan Brewer

Wouldn’t it be better to clean and reuse contaminated soil?

What if toxins could be inexpensively removed from soil, on-site, instead of being hauled to a landfill? This is the vision that inspired Jonathan Brewer to found EarthWorks Environmental in 1998, and in barely four years his small company has treated over 50 million pounds of contaminated soil. Based in Sacramento, California, Brewer’s company offers a unique and patented innovation, whereby mining equipment used to crush ore is adapted to grind up soil so that chemical or biological reagents can be sprayed onto the fine particles, neutralizing the toxins. This new approach to soil remediation is again attracting customers faster than Brewer can serve them, allowing him to live his dream of “growing and becoming financially successful by cleaning up the planet.”

Earthworks Environmental Inc. Logo

Mainstream methods of soil remediation either require permanent, and very expensive, removal of the contaminated soil, or they require “washing” the soil in cumbersome tanks. Brewer’s machines are fully self-contained, and can be easily transported directly to the contaminated sites, where the soil requiring treatment can be scooped onto a conveyance hopper and fed through the grinders and sprayers, coming out the other end completely treated. Where a soil washing system might be capable of cleaning 500 tons of soil per day, Brewer’s latest machine can clean 200 tons of soil or more per hour! “We can eliminate any toxin for which there is a chemical or biological methodology to degrade,” said Brewer, and that’s almost everything out there.

Contaminated Soil Awaiting Treatment in Gillette, Wyoming
Contaminated Soil Awaiting
Treatment in Gillette, Wyoming

Earthworks Environmental has gotten off to a good start, with four machines now in service and contracts in-process throughout the western United States. But there is huge, explosive potential for a machine that can recycle contaminated soil into clean topsoil for roughly a third the cost of today’s conventional practice of removing and sequestering contaminated soil. Brewer is holding onto a classic example of a disruptive, revolutionary technology, an invention that will not only turn the soil remediation industry on its ears, but also one that can greatly accelerate cleanup of polluted lands worldwide; a solution that cheaply creates clean earth again, instead of expensive removal and relocation of toxic waste.

Soil Treatment Vehicle
The Treatment Begins
EarthWorks Machines Process
Over 200 Tons Per Hour

For three years Jonathan Brewer has built his business like an entrepreneur, reinvesting his profits into refining his product, winning new business, growing slowly. Meanwhile the commercial potential and the environmental benefits for his revolutionary process call for rapid growth, requiring huge investments. EarthWorks is always on the lookout for strategic partners who are preparing to invest in conventional soil washing technology. EarthWorks offers a revolution in soil recycling to such an investor.

Treated Soil Pile
Treated Soil Comes off

an EarthWorks Machine

EarthWorks Environmental’s machines are mobile, flexible and fast, they clean and recycle the soil instead of sequestering it as toxic waste, and the process is much cheaper. A strong financial partner could acquire EarthWork’s Environmental and deploy their machines worldwide in a very short time. EarthWorks has had courtships with investors and partners where they would acquire the right to the patents, the equipment, and the company but to-date EarthWorks remains independent and growing their business the old fashioned way, by delivering jobs well done to a growing clientele. EarthWorks is actively marketing equipment and licenses to environmental contractors around the world.

EarthWorks mobile soil cleaning systems can be carted around a continent on rail cars and by truck. Wherever they go, clean earth is left in their wake, instead of toxic landfills. These machines and their many variations hold immense promise not only for the industrial nations, but throughout the developing world where their low cost and quick implementation make them especially attractive.

Processed Soil
Soil After the EarthWorks Process

Clean Enough to Use as Topsoil

EarthWorks offers soil cleaning solutions that are so much more cost-effective than traditional methods, that by implementing this more efficient solution, additional resources that would have been required for soil treatment can be redirected into the local communities. This altruism resonates with Brewer and is part of his criteria to find the right company to bring EarthWorks into the big leagues.

It isn’t every day an entrepreneur comes up with an innovation that proves to be both profitable and promising a better future for humanity. Equally unusual is the entrepreneur who, having the fortitude to prove their product’s worth against entrenched competition, is able to let go when the time is right, and sell their company to a partner with the financial network to introduce his product to the world. Ideally, companies like Brewer’s EarthWorks will soon find investor partners that add the resources and international partnerships he needs, and also share his altruistic vision of how to use his product to improve the lot of civilization.

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