Mexican Drug Wars Killed 12,000 in 2010

Mexican drug wars have killed at least 12,000 people this year, officials said Friday.

The Los Angeles times reported that as of Nov. 30, 12,456 people lost their lives to drug-related violence in Mexico, making 2010 the country’s deadliest year since President Felipe Calderon launched an effort to eradicate drug activity in 2006.

Mexican attorney Gen. Arturo Chavez said Thursday that over 30,000 people have been killed in the drug wars since Calderon’s crackdown against cartels four years ago.

Chavez and federal authorities said Thursday that La Familia, one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels, was critically weakened by the recent deaths or arrests of some of its key members.

“The systematic weakening of this criminal group due to the actions of the federal government has forced some of its members to adopt false rhetoric about helping the people of Michoacan, when in fact their operational methods are to terrorize and rob them,” Mexican officials said in the statement.

Officials maintained that they would not negotiate with drug cartels. “The only option that remains for these criminals to hand themselves over to the authorities,” the government said.

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