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WOW! Time flies! Nearly two years already has been on the internet calling for global reforestation! We can only personally confirm however a net increase of around a thousand trees, so we´ve still got 79 billion, 999 million, 999 thousand trees to go. No problem, we are ready.

In “Propagating Evergreen Ash,” the world can learn how to construct inexpensive humidors to replant the earth for pennies on the pounds. In “Flagships of the Forest,” instructions are provided on how to create a shadehouse to protect certain tree seedlings. In “Solar Climatrons,” the prospective design is put forward for solar powered ecosystems in the form of massive kilometer-plus sized pressure vessels where entire forests could exist on earth or in floating platforms in outer space or on the surfaces of extraterrestrial planets, satellites and asteroids.

Since the mission of is not only to reforest the earth, but also to colonize the solar system, in “A New Age of Exploration,” the economic benefits of space colonization are discussed in enthusiastic detail. In “Business Opportunities in Space,” Dr. Willam Turner speculates on the benefits of intersteller commerce with alien species in a truly visionary piece. In A Conversation with the Sun,” the Gaia of space colonization and also the linkage of nature and technology are exposited in vivid terms.

Governments can have vested interests in seeing environmental problems persist, not disappear. “EcoCrime = Hard Time,” “Don´t Shut Down America,” “Compensation for Takings” and “The Property Rights Rebellion” by Nancy Marzulla provide abundant evidence of the excess and infringement and counterproductivity of governments that get too involved in protecting the environment. Keep an eye on the eco-hysteria mongers with “Hot Air in Berlin,” where author Kent Jeffries explores with hilarity the garbage-in-garbage-out of most global warming theories.

Free markets and free trade save environments just as much as government regulations, usually they prove more effective. See Bruce Yandle´s “Why Land Rights Matter,” Jane Shaw´s “Beware of Eco-Socialism,” Terry Anderson´s “Reinventing Environmentalism” or Grover Norquist´s “The New Majority,” to get primed on the phenomenon of “free market environmentalism” and a compendium of free market approaches to various environmental issues: wildlife preservation, resource use, water and air quality management, waste management, and more.

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