Key EcoWorld Concepts

Reforest the earth! Nurture the planet, ourselves, and make money. All of this follows from learning how to reforest the earth. Giant new forests of diverse renewable products; timber, fruit, nuts, and other harvestable flora and fauna. How much value can such an enlightened plantation yield on a sustainable basis? What better way to reclaim wasteland?

If one billion people on earth plant 3 trees per year all over the world, we will add 5 million square miles of forest to the world in twenty years (if the trees are 35 feet apart, which is why they have to be great canopy trees).

Astonishing but true, that people still don´t realize that reforesting the earth and colonizing the solar system are mutually reinforcing ideas! Big bubbles filled with air, water and redwood trees, orbiting the earth at la Grange point five (“L5″). Sounds good to me. Closed loops in space equal quatenary cleaning on earth. More systems means lower costs. Technological crossovers, shared markets – bubbles in space and enlightened plantations on earth. Get it?

Let the Eagle land, of course. But what if from that moment onward your land was under federal control? No new garage, no driveway, not even an aquaduct to save the Aral Sea. Environmental protection stifles remediation efforts! Of course we need laws and regulations. When do they cross the line? When does one rather shoot than let the Eagle land?

Elephants and Rhinos (in Africa, mind you) live because the locals made a deal with the hunting safari tours. Elephants cost $12,000 USD to kill, Rhinos USD 28,000. Is it right. No. Are the species extinct? No. Libertarians lose a lot of fans here but who saved the Rhino? Hunters. I´m so sorry. The market while not sancrosanct does have an inevitability that it is better to throw jujitsulike into productive ends than try to thwart. What would the libertarians think of Nukes? Nice Star Trek like clean antimatterlike Nukes?

Ok so we´ve only planted about 1,500 trees. That would more than qualify our humble nursery for the committee of ten million. To restore the forest canopy of the planet to 20 million square miles, ten million people would have to plant 300 trees per year for 20 years. Now. Just think. We´ve almost qualified for the committee of one million. Because only one million people have to plant 3,000 trees per year for 20 years, in order to restore the earth to its original forest canopy. That´s only one in every 6,000 people on earth. Do you and yours want to be one in 6,000? Do you want to be a member of the committee of one million?

It gets very hot in San Jose. Well over 100 degrees on the hottest of days. But in the wide Sycamore Groves and groves of Ash and even Oak, when they´re thick enough, you can stay cool.

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