Hemp Legalization Proponents Stage Protest at DEA Museum

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 14 (UPI) — Proponents of legalizing hemp picked the lawn of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Museum in Arlington, Va. to stage a demonstration Tuesday, officials say.

The half dozen demonstrators from the advocacy group Vote Hemp began planting toasted hemp seeds imported from Canada in the grass but ended up being hauled off by police, the Washington Post reports.

“Keep digging fellas,” a security guard told the men. “You’ll be going to jail in a minute.”

Farmers and activists say industrial hemp has minuscule levels of THC compared with marijuana.

But unlike governments in Canada, Europe and China, the DEA does not allow it to be cultivated in the United States.

A handful of state legislatures has approved industrial hemp farming pending DEA action.

The DEA is referring all questions about hemp and Tuesday’s protest to the Justice Department, the Post says.

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