Is Eco-Terrorism On the Rise in California?

If you’ve read today’s copy of The Mercury News, you may have come across an interesting article from writer Jennifer Squires… One that discusses the potential of eco-terrorism incidents in California.

Squires writes…

SCOTTS VALLEY — The vandalism at a construction site on Green Hills Road earlier this month likely is connected to similar attacks on heavy equipment at UC Santa Cruz this summer, investigators said Thursday.

“We got some information that links the two,” said Lt. John Hohmann of Scotts Valley police, who still has yet to classify the incidents as eco-terrorism.

Vandals sabotaged the engines of 15 tractors and earth movers during the weekend of Aug. 15-16, causing more than $500,000 damage to machines parked at the site of a 16-home subdivision.

No one has claimed responsibility for the vandalism, which rendered the machinery inoperable, but a report of the incident was posted under the “diary” section of the North America Earth Liberation Front press office Web site. The report listed the incident “as of yet unclaimed.”

The environmental organization is a legal news service that publicizes clandestine attacks it says are aimed at protecting the environment.

The UCSC vandalism was not listed on the site, and no one has claimed responsibility for it either, according to UCSC spokesman Jim Burns.

A lift machine and an air compressor, both at a McHenry Library construction site, were damaged, Burns said. A forklift in the East Remote parking area also was vandalized.

Investigators from Scotts Valley and UCSC police are working the case and the FBI has offered assistance. No suspects have been identified, police said. Over the weekend, a security guard at the Scotts Valley site ran off some teens, who were clad in dark clothing, but it’s unclear whether they’re connected to the vandalism, police said.

What do you think about the incidents? Are they the work of eco-terrorists, or has someone simply posted the links on the North American Earth Liberation Front web site trying to take advantage of the incident?

Are movements like those by ELF too aggressive? Discuss it within the comments section, below!

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