Massachusetts Town Using Goats As Lawn Mowers to Trim Grass & Government Spending

ANDOVER, Mass., Oct. 17 (UPI) — Officials in Andover, Massachusetts, say they are using goats to keep one of the town’s public meadows trimmed, even as they trim a bit of government spending.

Bob Decelle, special projects manager for the Andover Conservation Commission, said by allowing six goats to eat their fill of the grass at a public meadow, the town is saving money and helping the environment, The Boston Globe reported Saturday.

“Everyone benefits,” Decelle said. “The town benefits, the goats benefit, and the environment benefits.”

Instead of using town funds to hire people to mow the 3-acre meadow with heavy equipment, the town has dairy goat club leader Lucy McKain bring the goats to the site each day for an all-natural buffet.

“They’re very good browsers,” McKain said. “It’s a win-win. It’s pretty neat.”

“Economic times force creative ideas,” Conservation Commission member Gail Ralston told the Globe.

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