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Sitting on a beach is the last thing most of us think about in the cold month of December, but it is an appealing escape. Beaches are the most popular destination spot and who could blame the millions of tourists whose tension is washed away by warm waves, exotic drinks and sunny skies. Nothing is ever perfect, though. The ocean may be too cold, and the sand is often scalding hot. It is just the nature of the beast and humans have to accept the fact that we cannot control everything. Yet, designers in Dubai may disagree.

The Palazzo Versace Hotel, breaking ground on Dubai’s coastline, is planning on creating its very own climate. The hotel’s sand will never burn sensitive soles thanks to a network of heat absorbing pipes under the beach and 820sq foot refrigerated pool will always refresh guests trying to escape the rising temperature. Not only that, but whenever temperatures become uncomfortably hot, fans may be placed around the hotel’s beach to force a cool breeze towards lounging guests.

Making outdoors indoors…

In addition to the one-of-a-kind beach, the 10-story hotel will incorporate indoor pools in some of the 213 rooms. For a more detailed list of the hotel’s guest features click HERE.

It comes as no surprise that environmentalists are not happy with the situation. It is also a slap in the face to countries facing the current economic crisis. A climate controlled beach seems like a waste of money, and the energy required to control an outside environment is immense. Not only that, but it is not even necessary: certain variables may be unappealing but they add to the charm of visiting a natural area.

Soheil Abedian, founder and president of Palazzo Versace, argues that luxuries like this can also be sustainable. Rather than forcing cool air onto the sand which requires more energy, for example, the heat will get sucked out. Unfortunately, the exact plans for the project are still unknown.

Dubai is already home of the world’s top resorts and countless luxury hotels, the most famous of which is Burj al’Arab-the first hotel ever to boast a 5 star rating. Abedian is simply following UAE tradition and attempting to compete with countless other hotels that have offer such amenities as private butlers in gold plated rooms that can cost up to $40,000 a night. He hopes that the climate controlled beaches will provide the edge to lure high class tourists through his hotel’s doors which are planned to open in 2010.

via The Australian News

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